featured projects

Military Site Clearance


Controlled asbestos demolition for 83 buildings totaling over 300,000 sq. ft.  Demolition and recycling of more than 9,200 tons of concrete foundations.  Included removal of roads and site restoration 

Project Value:  $2.4 Million

Rail Car Abatement


Selective dismantling, parts salvage and asbestos abatement in support of refurbishing 95 passenger rail cars.  Services included obtaining multiple site-specific variances and use of 40K psi water blasting technology.

Project Value:  $4+ Million

Mercury Flooring Removal


Removal and disposal of 8,400 sq. ft. of sports flooring which was RCRA hazardous for mercury.  After mercury remediation, demolished & replaced underlying failed slab and installed new poured sports floor & striping.

Project Value:  $400,000

Boiler Dismantling


Dismantling & removal of a 4-story boiler unit within an active power  house.  Scope included hot work, rigging and scrap handling.  Design and installation of structural shoring was completed on the level below.

Project Value:  $300,000

LBP & PCB Paint Removal


Removal of LBP and PCB paint from 5,000 sq. ft. of components at an active hydroelectric facility.  Constructed containment, abrasive blasted surfaces, repainted & made repairs to system.  

Project Value:  $500,000

Fireproofing Abatement


Interior gut and removal of sprayed-on fireproofing throughout 31,000 sq. ft. of a former nursing home under renovation.  Genesee was hired to replace a previous under-performing contractor.

Project Value:  $650,000